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Coloring Book' is a cool drawing app. This helps to enhance color senses
and expressions for children with various drawing tools.
Present sensitivity and creativity to children.

App Name > CloringBook : Painting Zoo
Development > X lab.,Inc
Genre > Kids, Education, Family
Platforms > Mobile, Tablet
Developing Engine > UNITY 3D
Service Target > Over 10, People who enjoy a casual game
Control > Touch
Release Date > Coming Soon
System requirements > Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ or Higher /
iOS ‘iPhone 5S’ or Higher
Languages > 한국어, English, 中国 (簡体), 中國 (繁体), 日本, España,
Italia, Portugal, Россия, France, Deutschland



You can use various drawing tools such as
coloured pens, crayons, and watercolors, etc.

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Which picture do you want to draw today?
Select a menu.

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Share pictures with friends and
family members.

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Present sensitivity and creativity
to children.

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How to Use

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1. Run downloaded App.

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2. Select a menu.

Select a picture in a selected menu.

A. Take 'a self-camera' and put on colors.
B. Color in characters in a 'painting zoo'.
C. Color in 'my future'.
D. Color in 'delicious fruits'.
E. Color in 'tasty dishes'.
F. Color in 'vehicles'.
G. Use 'sctatch book'.
H. Use 'free drawing'.

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3. This is a screen of Coloring Book.

A. Move to a picture selected screen.
B. Display the original picture.
C. Draw again from the beginning.
D. Go back to the previous stage of drawing. (undo)
E. Save a picture.
F. Set user preferences.
G. Select the thickness of a pen.
H. Select a drawing tool.

I. Select colors, patterns, and stickers.
- If move left and right, you can use more colors,
patterns, and stickers.

J. Use for erase the parts of drawing.

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4. Zoom in/out the size of pictures.

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5. Share pictures with friends and family members .

A. Move to a menu selected screen.
B. Move to a picture selected screen.
C. Save a picture.
D. Share pictures with friends and family members.


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