"Baby Math!" an educational application which helps to perceive the concept of numbers through different playing methods.
Available for children from 4 years of age to kids.
Parents' help required.

App Name > Baby Math : Painting Zoo
Development > X lab.,Inc
Genre > Education, Kids, Family
Platforms > Mobile, Tablet
Developing Engine > UNITY
Service Target > Over 3, People who enjoy a casual game
Control > Touch
Release Date > November.2 2018
System requirements > Android “Jelly Bean” or Higher / iOS “10.0”or Higher
Languages > 한국어, English, 中国 (簡体), 中國 (繁体), 日本, España,
Italia, Portugal, Россия, France, Deutschland



"Write Me!"
- Write the number according to the order.
- There will be provided from 1~100 by the update.

FloatyBalloon screenshot

"Draw Me!"
- Draw diverse lines.
- Draw imitating the figure.

FloatyBalloon screenshot

"Feed Me!"
- Give the food according to the given number.
- Give the food to the animal as much as it wants.

FloatyBalloon screenshot

"Touch Me!"
- Pop the balloon of given color according to the number.
- Pop the balloon with same number.

FloatyBalloon screenshot

"Play Me!"
- Press the key according to the number. A wonderful song will be completed.
- Play freely.

FloatyBalloon screenshot


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